Quick Start Guide

This guide will guide you on the essentials of getting your locator setup.

Video tutorial  Click here view the Quickstart Video

  1. After you login, the first step is to create a few dealer records so you can test and customize your locator. To create a dealer, hover over the Manager menu and click Location manager.

  2. Now click the Add Location button and fill out the form. Required fields are: Name, Street, City, Country and Zip. All other fields are optional. Click the save button to create the record.

  3. Now, we see the location you just setup. Check to ensure that the location has been geocoded and note the Geocoding Level. It should be Street which is the ideal level. Any other geocode level indicates a problem with the address geocoded.

  4. Now that you have created your first location, do a test search. Hover over System and select Code Generator. From the list of code options, click to select Standard Search Form. Next click Advanced Search button.

  5. Enter the zip code for the location you just setup. Your new location should now be displayed. You can click on the name to see more details about the location.

  6. Click on the Map and Directions link to see the mapping. Click on the location icon to open a bubble to get driving directions.

You now have the basics of getting started with Xtreme Locator.

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