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The Xtreme Locator WordPress plugin is designed to easily deploy the Xtreme Locator dealer locator application, and Zip code locator into your WordPress website.
This plugin provides.
1. Total integration into the WordPress content structure.
2. Three standard search form types:
3. Advanced search form.
4. Custom search form
5. Location List – shows all of your locations.
6. All Locations Map – Provides you with the ability to display a map of all your
locations represented by icons.
7. CSS control.
8. Login form to login to your Xtreme Locator Control Panel

In order to use the Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin, you must have setup an Xtreme
Locator account. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial on this website.
To install the Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin:
1. Download the plugin from this website.
2. In your WordPress control panel, go to Plugins >> Add New
3. Click the Upload link.
4. Click the Browse button to find the plugin on your computer.
5. Click the Install Now button.
6. Click the Activate button.
Now go to the Xtreme Locator Plugin control panel >> Settings and enter the Account
ID you received in your welcome email.

Setting Up the Plugin

The Settings section is where you hook the WordPress component to your Xtreme
Locator account and configure the component to operate properly. The processes are
explained below.
  1. Account ID – Enter your Xtreme Locator Account ID to connect the component to your Xtreme Locator account. The Account ID is included in the welcome email that youreceive when you signup for your Xtreme Locator account and can also be found at thetop of the Xtreme Locator Administrative Control Panel main page.
  2. Installation Domain – This field is set by default to https://app.xtremelocator.com and should not be changed.
  3. CSS Path – Provided for information only.
  4. Not found message – Enter a custom message to be displayed if no dealer is found within the search distance.
  5. Click the Save button when finished.
Available Fields

This is a listing of all standard Xtreme Locator data fields. By default, only normally
used fields are enabled. You can enable or disable fields here as desired. Disabling
fields here will prevent them from showing within the other setup forms. Additionally,
you can assign custom Display Names to the fields, for example, you might want to
identify the “Name” field as “Company Name”. Do not change the Field Name.

Using Custom Fields

If you have created custom fields in your Xtreme Locator account, you must manually
create them here in order to be able to assign them to your WordPress forms. To add
your custom fields:
  1. Click the “Add New Field” button.
  2. Enter a Field ID number (this should be a unique number). Default field numbers are 1-29 so, for example, pick 30.
  3. Enter the field name of your custom field in the Field name box. This should match the name of the custom field you setup in the Xtreme Locator Administrative Control Panel exactly (case sensitive).
  4. Click the “Save” button.
  5. Make sure the field is enabled.
Deploying Xtreme Locator Search

You can deploy our Standard Search, Advanced Search or Custom Search by copying
the shortcode into your web page.

Deploying the Xtreme Locator Widget

1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets >> Xtreme Locator.
2. Add the Xtreme Locator widget by clicking on it or dragging it to the desired
3. Select the Search type from the dropdown list.
4. Enter the full URL of the page where you have deployed the Xtreme Locator
search in the Full search URL box.
5. The remaining text box entries are optional.
6. Click the Save button.

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